Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rehearsal Video for a New Song

This is a video taken at our secret bunker rehearsal space on December 10, 2011.  The song doesn't have a title, but given Tony's penchant for lyric writing, I'm going to assume it'll be called "Revolution of God's Drug," though I'm more interested in a title like "Balls Deep" or "Getcha Sexin'" because I'm really in to AC/DC and 90's R&B boy groups.

Eventually we'll have a title and then we'll record it; until then, enjoy this primitive video where you can't see anybody but me and you can't hear anybody but Mike.

War Bells

Friday, December 16, 2011

War Bells is...

War Bells is a band of aging rockers from Austin, TX.  We stand for freedom, and peace, and drugs, and probably some other stuff that is cool.  We like to occupy things, but from the comfort of our couches, which we purchased with our salaries from our high-power, high-paying jobs.

War Bells is a statement against what's wrong in America, or something better.  We haven't decided yet.

Visit this page for news and views, and see what I want to tell you when I get drunk.

War Bells.