Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Caught in the Wires" Rehearsal Video

Since our last show was such a powerhouse performance, I'm suddenly energized to get stuff put together for the band again.  It's been a while since I've posted, and that's largely because I've been blowing off posting this video on Youtube.  The first video which I've already posted took forever to upload; turns out, if you're uploading a 220 KB video on Youtube and streaming Law and Order reruns on Netflix at the same time, both of them get all slow and fucked up.  This time I'm watching season 3 of the Simpsons on DVD (I feel like a caveman when I watch DVDs), so my bandwidth isn't being monopolized with the witty one liners of Lenny Briscoe or the righteous fury of Jack McCoy.  What I'm trying to say is, this one didn't take nearly as long.  Now I know.

At any rate, stay tuned for new performance dates, which I've never posted about before because we almost never play live (much to my eternal chagrin).  We are also working on new material, so there will be more recordings and videos available in the not-too-distant future, which will be good for the three people who have ever visited this blog.

Speaking of sites that nobody visits, we've also got our Bandcamp page running, so go check out our music and download it for free while we still have free downloads to give away.  There's only 200 that Bandcamp allows, which is a bummer, but since nobody has ever heard of us, I assume that those 200 downloads will last forever.  Go get you some here:

And if you're more interested in our newer fare and listening to me opine about softcore pornography, watch the video below.

Not only do I not know how to edit a video, but I wouldn't do it anyway.  Also note the camera placement focuses solely on me, which is just the way I likes it.  The song is called "Caught in the Wires" and is about politics and drugs and stuff.  Classic!

Stay tuned for more War Bells news and views, including some live shows when we get them confirmed and which television shows I'll be watching.

War Bells

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