Friday, January 27, 2012

New Show Date Confirmed

Greetings from the War Bells Command Center.

Band Mom already announced the show before I could get off my fat duff and do it myself, and since I already wrote this whole thing, I'll just announce it again.

We don't normally do this (though I hope this is a sign that times are a-changin'), but it looks like we're going to be playing another show.  Two shows in one month?!?  It's as if we're a functioning, active band!

Really we're not.  But it's fun to pretend.

We confirmed a date at Trophy's Bar and Grill (located at 2008 South Congress Avenue, 78704) on Saturday, February 4th.  Excelsior to us!  Pro tip: they only have the word "grill" in the name to trick you.  Don't eat anything you find lying around in there.

It's a great venue, and we're happy they're having us back.  Considering it's the only venue we ever play, I probably shouldn't make fun of them.  Since we're only superficially active to begin with, though, they wouldn't actually hurt us at all by not having us back to play again.  We would just leave Mike's living room marginally less often.

So come on out and have some drinkies with your old buddy Andy and the rest of us, then watch me stagger around the stage while everyone else remains perfectly still throughout the entire set.  Another joke, of course; Mike has to move his arms and one of his feet to play drums.

We play at 10:30.  Come early and hang out, and keep in mind that Trophy's is known to play it fast and loose, so we could also open or headline, depending on whether any of the other bands show up or not.

Come on out!  And if you want to talk to me after the show, I'll be...surprised (I didn't make up that joke.  Mitch Hedberg did).

War Bells

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